Enjoy a wide range of children’s literature workshops, activities, competitions and award ceremonies.

  • Cultural activities with foreign cultural centers (German, Russian, Indian, Korean and French).
  • The art festival consists of reading books, storytelling, drawing and drawing, drama, film and traditional sports and activities for children.
  • The most exciting and inspiring new feature is the ability to allow visitors to meet (nationally or internationally) leading writers and artists (physically or Virtualy) to share their experiences.
  • There is also space for writers, artists, editors and creators of children’s and youth literature.
  • Reading books – Listening – Training in comprehension – Improving children’s life skills.
  • The 2nd Conference on Literature for Children and Youth, will be attended by 150 selected  local and foreign artists engaged in literature creation for children and youth.

We will update soon with the schedule & activities of Book Fair. 

Stay Tuned!