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නව පිටුවක දිගහැරුම

International Book Fair, Literature Convention
and Arts Festival for Children and Youth - 2023
7th to 11th July 2023

ළමා හා යොවුන් ජාත්‍යන්තර පොත් ප්‍රදර්ශනය 2023 - කොළඹ

An International Children’s and Youth Book Fair is being organised for the first time in Colombo, adding a new dimension to the book reading culture of Sri Lankan society. The main objective of the fair is to introduce high quality books, to uplift the reading habit of children and youth which has declined during the past few decades.

IBBY-Read Plus Awards for 100 Best Books

Awards ceremony for one hundred selected children’s and juvenile books published during the past 10 years (Sinhala, Tamil and English). The selected authors, illustrators, editors and publishers will receive certificates. The 100 books will be promoted at international book fairs in other countries. This project will be handled by IBBY Sri Lanka, Ministry of Education (Sri Lanka Book Development Council, and National Book Advisory Board) and Room to Read—Sri Lanka.

IBBY Literary Awards for Best Children’s Book, Juvenile Book and Best Illustration

Awards ceremony for Best Children’s and Juvenile Books published locally during the past 10 years  in Sinhala, Tamil and English. The selected authors and illustrators will receive cash awards and certificates.

The awards will be presented under the following 3 categories:
  1. Author of the best children’s story (published)
  2. Author of the best young adults’ story (published)
  3. Illustrator of the best children’s storybook (published)




Public Library – Colombo